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103 West First Street

Sheridan, IN 46069

Ph: 317-758-5201




                                                                                                                                                           Updated 2/22/16

  1. Reservations:
    1. Library has priority to use the rooms for Library programs and reserves the right to cancel scheduled events due to Library programming.
    2. Tentative reservation may be made by phone. A written approved room reservation form must be completed and signed by the official representative of the group who assumes responsibility for use.
    3. A waiver must be signed on the reservation application to use the audio visual equipment.
    4. The library should be notified of cancellation a week in advance.
    5. Return the meeting attendance form attached to Reservation form after meeting.


  1. $75.00 deposit for key/cleaning for all groups before the room may be used. Key must be picked up the day of the event or the day before if the library is closed and returned in book drop or next day to get deposit back.


  1. Charge or user fee:
    1. Non-profits – free
    2. For profit groups - $100.00 (includes use of kitchen) full day (call for optional pricing for multiple events)
    3. Others such as families - $75.00 (includes use of kitchen) 
  2. No alcohol, tobacco or firearms.


  1. User must supply their paper products, clean up, restore room to original condition, and return key to get their deposit back. Sweeper, trash bags and kitchen utensils will be available along with the usual appliances. Checklist is posted in kitchen and storage closet.


  1. Trash is to be bagged up and put in the outside dumpster.  Additional trash bags will be available in bottom of trash cans.


  1. Book aheads – no more than 1 year


  1. Recurring meetings will be reviewed periodically and a one time deposit will be held unless needed for damage or cleaning. If used a second deposit will be required.


  1. All children or young peoples groups must be supervised by adults.





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