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Library Board of Trustees

Monday, January 13, 2014


6:00 pm: Loretta Sutherland called the meeting to order.  Board Members in attendance were Debbie Hybarger, Barb Hybarger, Anita Leonard, Lisa Samuels, Loretta Sutherland, and John Vincent.  Library director Steve Martin and assistant library director Kim Riley were present.   Absent: Gayla McMurtry


Secretary’s Report          Minutes of the December 9, 2013 Board of Trustees meeting were read.  Lisa made a motion to approve the minutes as read, Debbie seconded the motion. 


Treasurer’s Report          Debbie reported the following -

Bills:  $19,711.43

Receipts:  $95,126.13

Motion to approve & pay bills:  John

Seconded the motion to approve and pay: Lisa


Kim requested the following resolution for the 2013 budget:

Personal Services, increase $3855.95; Supplies, increase $526.39; Other, decrease $8184.54; Capital, increase $3802.18

John made a motion to approve the resolution, Debbie seconded the motion.


Director’s Report

  1. Reviewed programming and circulation statistics
  2. Steve and Loretta signed off on the State reported statistics
  3. Upcoming programs:

                Winter Reading Club – started January 13

                Blue Grass Jam – January 19

                Book Discussion Club – January 21

                Quilting - January 25

                Winter Art Show – February 3

                Roberts Settlement Program - February 10

                Spelling Bee – March 8

                Annual Historical Society Dinner (Astronaut Jerry Ross speaking) - April 24


New Business   

  1. Election of 2014 officers - nominations: 

                President – Loretta Sutherland

                Vice President – Lisa Samuels

                Treasurer – Anita Leonard

                Secretary – Barb Hybarger

Officer nominations were approved.

  1. The Noblesville Times and the Indianapolis Star have been selected as the newspapers for posting notifications. John made the motion to accept these two newspapers, Lisa seconded the motion. 
  2. Board by-law updates were noted, Section 2.2 Membership being modified from two board members being appointed by the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners to one board member.  Lisa made a motion to approve by-law changes, Anita seconded the motion.
  3. Need replacement for Board Member Debbie Hybarger who has served for sixteen years and was appointed by the Adams Township Board.


Old Business

  1. Strategic Plan updates:

a.       Evaluate the financial needs of the library – roof to be patched, replace computers in lab, website software; How do we fund these upcoming needs?  State has no capital funding dollars and these expenses must come from the operating fund.

b.      Plan is current and we’re addressing needs of the library.

  1. Lisa asked that we post the monthly meeting minutes on the website.


Next Meeting:  Monday, February 10, 2014

6:57 pm                Loretta adjourned the meeting

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