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Library Board of Trustees

Monday, April 13, 2015


6:02 pm                Lisa Samuels called the meeting to order.  Board Members in attendance were Barb Hybarger, Matt Lenseigne, Anita Leonard, Gayla McMurtry, Lisa Samuels and John Vincent.  Board member Loretta Sutherland was absent.  Library director, Steve Martin and Assistant library director Kim Riley were present.  ACTS associate board member Garrett Davis was present.  ACTS associate board members Lane Leonard and Cassandra Vargas were absent. 


Secretary’s Report          Minutes of the March 9th, 2015 Board of Trustees meeting were read; Gayla made a motion to approve the minutes as read, Anita seconded the motion. 


Treasurer’s Report          Anita reported the following –

Bills:  $17,140.84

Receipts:  $15,428.74

Motion to approve & pay bills: John; seconded the motion to approve and pay: Barb


Director’s Report

  1. Parking Lot Re-seal  – all cracks need addressed with heavy sealer/filler, may require two applications this year in order to properly fill the large cracks; John will look into purchasing sealer/filler and then we can wait to have a professional sealer in 2016, last time we had a professional seal the lot was in 2011
  2. Memorial trees - trees are being planted for Martha Baker (tulip poplar), Marie Durr (red bud), and Pat Dunlavey (crabapple).  All trees have been purchased and the nursery staff is planting them.  Each tree will have a dedication ceremony and plaque.
  3. Disruptive patron – was dismissed from the library and given a trespass notice, banning him from the library
  4. Pizza sales – sold 80 pizzas on 3/17/15, second one was not as successful due to spring break; Papa John’s will be here every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 5-7pm, to sell single topping (cheese, pepperoni, or sausage) 14” pizzas at $9; cookie pizzas are also available
  5. State Board of Accounts auditors have been auditing our books, exit interview is next Thursday, 4/23/15
  6. Library Recipe Book – program through the Friends of the Library, currently collecting recipes, there are sheets available at the library and on the website; hope to have enough recipes by June
  7. Library Recipe Book – continue to collect recipes, there are sheets available at the library and on the website; hope to have enough recipes by June


New Business   



Old Business   




ACTS Student Report

Two questions:

a.       How was Spelling Bee (March 14th)?

                                                               i.      We had five teams

                                                             ii.      Winners were Mrs. Linville, Mrs. Sargent, and Mr. Hewitt

b.      Have you any of you thought anymore about the social media discussion we have at the March meeting?

                                                               i.      Steve said he has joined Facebook

                                                             ii.      The ACTS associate board members would be happy to come over and give instruction.



6:36pm                 Lisa adjourned the meeting



Next Meeting:  Monday, May 11, 2015



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