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Disruptive Behavior Policy


Code of Library Conduct


Every staff member has the responsibility to keep the library as pleasant an environment for the public as possible.  This includes the duty to discourage disruptive behavior on the library premises. Staff enforcement of this policy should be conducted in such a way that is firm but diplomatic, non-confrontational, and should be applied evenly to all patrons without regard to age, race, class, or gender. All library staff members have the responsibility and authority to enforce this code of conduct.

1.     No patron will intentionally or unintentionally create an environment that infringes on another patron’s right to use and enjoy the library or a staff member’s right to a safe work environment. Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to: loud talking and laughing, throwing objects, boisterous behavior including running, horseplay, and annoy¬≠ing other patrons, fighting, inappropriate display of affection, threats to others and inappropriate language

2.     The Children’s Department of Sheridan Public Library is intended for children and their accompanying parents or guardians. Adults who are inappropriately using the Children’s Department, including but not limited to loitering, will be asked to leave.

3.     On library property, the carrying of weapons or items that can be construed as weapons, whether visible or concealed is permitted within the confines of local, state and/or federal laws. This rule does not apply to law enforcement officials. Ceremonial use (ex: Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, etc.) of non-lethal weapons is permitted with advance and specific permission of the library. 

4.     Vandalism will be reported to the police. This includes any purposeful damage to personal property, library property (including planted material), or library materials.

5.     Theft of personal property, personal money, library property, library materials or library funds will be reported to the police.

6.     The library staff will report abuse or suspected abuse (including neglect and abandonment) of any minor patron, whether the abuse occurred on library property or not.

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