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Video Surveillance Policy

 The purpose of video surveillance at the Sheridan Public Library is first and foremost the protection of the physical safety of the customers and employees of the library.  A secondary purpose is the protection of property and protection of the Sheridan Public Library from potential liability. 


No monitoring shall be done on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability that can be reasonably accommodated, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, or local law. 

Video recordings shall be held as confidential library records and shall be purged as soon as their purpose is served, subject to any other applicable laws.

In the event that any public law enforcement agency or security agency makes a request for recordings or recording equipment, the request shall immediately be referred to the library director or assistant director.  The Library has the right to confer with legal counsel before complying with any such request and MAY exercise that option.  If any such request is made, it is imperative that any and all material be preserved during the period that contact with counsel is being exercised.  Contact with counsel is being exercised subject to any other applicable laws.

In the unlikely event that any officer or agency should seize material or equipment, the Director or Assistant Director shall be notified immediately and the staff member shall request a receipt for the material taken.

While the Library, as a public institution and employer, must reserve the right to use the surveillance system for additional purposes, in general it shall not be used to monitor individuals or groups of individuals unless there is reasonable cause to believe that there has been or may be a serious infraction of library policies or procedures.  In such cases, it will be presumed that an individual is behaving or performing correctly unless there is significant reason to demonstrate otherwise.

When an employee receives information that may cause him/her to believe that a situation exists that requires investigation, the following procedure shall be followed:

  1. The employee shall give a description of the behavior involved and request (preferably in writing) that the Director or Assistant Director check recordings or monitor behavior as it occurs. 
  2. IF the Director or Assistant Director approves the monitoring, s/he shall verbally okay or sign the request and then the Director and/or Assistant Director, and the employee shall attempt to locate the necessary recorded or live data or provide one time access to the recordings and monitoring software to allow the employee to make necessary observations as previously approved.  In NO instance shall the monitoring software be installed on any additional computer without the express consent of the Director or Assistant Director.
  3. If the recording and/or monitoring provides sufficient proof of malfeasance, the Director or Assistant Director may approve disciplinary or other corrective action.

 Software for monitoring cameras and recorders shall be installed only on computers under the direct control of staff members.  Installing the software on computers controlled by others, installing additional equipment on the system, re-aiming cameras or other additions or modifications not approved by the Director or Assistant Director or sharing information in an unauthorized manner shall be considered a very serious violation of personnel policy.

 The surveillance system will also be used as a tool to determine things such as the amount of business at service desks, traffic flow, and other routine checks of conditions affecting the safety and operation of the buildings and grounds.  If, in the use of the system in this manner, it becomes evident that there are likely serious policy violations as demonstrated in the behavior of personnel or members of the public, then the above procedure may come into force.

 Imminent Danger

When there is a credible likelihood of imminent danger to persons or property, any staff member may request to use the surveillance system as needed to thwart or document any such action.

Video recordings or printouts from them shall not be posted in any place without the written permission of the Assistant Director or the Director. 


Request for Video Monitoring

Name of supervisor making request: __________________________________


Date of request: ______________.  Estimated time of event: _________________AM PM


Name or description of person(s) to be monitored: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Description of areas to be monitored: _____________________________________________________________________________________



Reason for request to monitor:



___________________________                      __________________________

Employee signature                                                     Director or Assistant Director Signature


Request is ð approved or  ð not approved on (Date):_____________________________.


This form shall remain on file by the Director for a period of one year (longer if legal proceedings are impending) along with any other documentation produced.



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