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Free library cards are issued to residents of Adams Township in Hamilton County.  Our Non-Resident fee is $75.00 a year. Non-Served Residents must pay the non-resident fee to be eligible to purchase PLAC for $65.00 a year.

The library now has free public access to the Internet.  To be eligible to use the public access computer you must have signed a policy at the circulation desk. If you are under 18, a parent or guardian must sign for you.  

A new copy machine is available.   Color copies are $0.25 and black-and-white are $0.10.   The library staff makes the copies for the patrons.

A new fax machine is also available.  The cost is $1.00 for each long distance page sent, or 10 cents a page for local or toll free faxes. All incoming faxes are 10 cents a page.

We now able to laminate items for our patrons.  The cost for this service is $.25 for small items, $.50 for half sheets, and $1.00 for full size sheets.  Please see a Librarian for this service.

INTER-LIBRARY LOAN is an available service to our library patrons. To make an inter-library loan request, ask a libarian for assitance; the librarians fill out the necessary forms for the patrons.  Our courier delivers and picks-up materials every Thursday and once requested materials are available, phone calls are made to the patrons that requested them.


  For more information simply...

ask the librarians or 

give us a call at (317) 758-5201.



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